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Joint sealing tape 5 - 10 mm for decking boards

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Decking joint tape with anti-expansion thread for all decking systems

The Montafox joint sealing tape offers ideal protection against dirt and deposits in the joints of your decking boards.

Whether WPC, wood or stone, the tape can be used universally and the installation is very simple. It is best to insert the profile into the corresponding joints with light pressure immediately after laying the planks or boards. As the filler profile contracts somewhat in the hours after insertion, please make sure to insert it protruding on both sides and only cut it flush after at least 24 hours, as the length of the tape changes due to temperature fluctuations.

The joint tape is available in various widths, lengths and colours. Depending on the selection, the profiles are suitable for a joint spacing of 5 - 7 mm or 7.5 - 10.5 mm.


  • Joint tape with anti-expansion thread (provides additional dimensional stability and prevents length distortion).
  • Ideal solution against dirt and deposits in the joints of your decking boards
  • Compatible with all common decking systems - whether WPC, wood or stone
  • Extends the life of the substructure as it makes rain penetration more difficult
  • Easy to install, universally applicable
  • Made of durable TPE plastic - resistant to oils, UV rays, cold and heat

You are still unsure?

Simply order one of our sample sets by selecting it from the menu above. This contains 4 pieces of our joint sealing tapes, each 10 cm long. This allows you to easily check in advance which colour and width of tape is best for your floor.

Important notes:

  • Do not stretch the joint tape when inserting it
  • Ensure that your terrace is sufficiently ventilated
  • The joint sealing tape is not suitable for decking boards with high swelling and shrinking behaviour


Material: TPE (with anti-expansion thread)
Dimensions: Variant: 5 - 7 mm - Outer dimensions: 11 x 8 mm
Variant: 7.5 - 10.5 mm - Outer dimensions: 15 x 10 mm

Basic price per metre:

Sample box 0.4 m
Joint tape 25 m / 5 - 7 mm
Joint tape 50 m / 5 - 7 mm
Joint tape 100 m / 5 - 7 mm
Joint tape 25 m / 7.5 - 10 mm
Joint tape 50 m / 7.5 - 10 mm
Joint tape 100 m / 7.5 - 10 mm
1.99 € (4.97 €/m)
39.99 € (1.59 €/m)
69.99 € (1.39 €/m)
129.99 € (1.29 €/m)
49.99 € (1.99 €/m)
79.99 € (1.59 €/m)
139.99 € (1.39 €/m)

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